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Snowboard Light Kit: Led Lights Kit: The Led Snowboard was created by 3 Enomoto It changes the lighting based on motion Anytime you jump, spin, switch or have any quick motions it’ll change the led color When a trick is performed a light show goes off, because landing the sick trick requires a celebration The default state has perimeter lighting with a pulsing bands This is made possible by the 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope and microcomputer on board The led snowboard connects via bluetooth to your phone and can sync with your music and bluetooth headphones An army of people are demanding they start a kickstarter to get this product to market sooner There are other led snowboard conversion kits but nothing as sophisticated as this one This led snowboard runs 24 bit full color at 30 fps sequence The battery life is about 40 minutes so it won’t last your day of snowboarding, not even a part of it but would be fun to turn on for a few runs 3 Enomoto’s Youtube Channel The LED Snowboard invention link:
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