Tons of Rewards Updates and More Stability (and Log in) Fixes


Over the past month we've pushed tons of rewards updates as well as other fixes. Here is a brief rundown of all the updates:

Fixed log in and log out issues (there were a variety of these we've been tackling the last few days but finally I think we've found and fixed all of them. Thanks to everyone for helping us out. Especially those on our Slack Channel).

Fixed bad account links with rewards partners. Certain specific rewards partners weren't linking all accounts correctly and we've fixed this with every partner where we have seen it.

Account linking stability improved. Even good rewards account links were failing sometimes, we found and killed off this nasty bug.

Chrome 80 support! It doesn't come until next month but we've proactively made changes to support it in advance.

Fixed a bug which caused users to get an error saying "failed to get account details" when redeeming rewards. Additionally, we made the step where it converts hideout points to your rewards partner points much much faster.

A huge update was made to rewards processing! Much ore often now rewards will be processed automatically instead of manually (which always incurred a delay)

Improved our recaptcha strategy so you shouldn't get annoyed having to answer a recaptcha challenge anymore.

Finally we also fixed a variety of issues with "Are you still watching?" messages.

That's it! (minus the hundreds of daily updates we don't have time to share)

Happy New Year!


Hi Hideout TV Viewers! Happy New Year!

Just a reminder, rewards will be much lower temporarily the next week or two and then steadily improve now that the Holiday season is over. If you aren't earning rewards, check back the next day or even a few hours later. We are working very hard to improve rewards during this time as well and will also release new ways users can earn in the near future. In the meantime, you can enjoy our content as always!

PS Here's a code for 25 free points: HappyNewYear

Note: Code expires 1/9 at 11:59 pm CST. Limited to first 7,500 entries. If you receive an error notice, such as "invalid code," that means the code has been fully redeemed.

Rewards Improvements


Improvements to account linking: On occasion it is possible to get a bad account link. We now detect and handle this better now so you are notified you need to relink. If so, we walk you through that process. This reduces cases of rewards that seem to go missing.

Further we have improved support for iOS and Kindle devices.

Improvements to error messaging when logging in with your username.

Also, watch for a major mobile app update for Android!

Commenting is here!


Probably long our most requested feature, commenting is officially here! Feel free to comment, reply and emoji to your heart's content on any and all videos!

Crediting Fix


Hi Loyal Hideout Viewers,

We've released an update today to address an issue with certain users not receiving credit upon redemption. While these credits were credited to the linked partner, there is cases where the credit did not show up in the user's account with the linked partner.

This issue should no longer occur moving forward, and we are re-issuing credits to any users who were impacted. These credits will show up directly with the linked partner within 24 hours.

If you are still having issues, we recommend that you contact the linked partner or submit a support ticket with us:

Thank you, and we apologize for this error!

US Users - Hideout TV Android App in Beta!


Hi Loyal Hideout Viewers!

Our mobile app is now available in beta while we continue to prepare it for final launch! Download the app now and starting earning rewards:

Since the app is in beta, we expect there may be bugs and lighter rewards. Please be sure to share any beta feedback with us and we'll be sure to address it.

Please note, it is currently available to US users only. Within the next week or two, Canada and UK users will be able to access it as well.

Happy Watching!

Smores Transition - Earn More Rewards


Hi Loyal Hideout Viewers!

As you know, our transition from Smores to is finally complete! However, some (not all) users may notice there are fewer rewards on for them. This will improve over the coming weeks as we are still moving all of our monetization partners to the new site, and it is taking longer than expected.

Thank you all for your patience as we complete this transition as smoothly as possible!

Fire TV Specific Promo Codes!


We are excited to introduce Fire TV specific promo codes! To celebrate the launch of our Fire TV promo codes, the first 50 US/CA/UK users with our Fire TV app installed can redeem promo code "FIREUSER" for 1000 Free Hideout Points! (Expires 6/13 at 11:59 pm CST or 50 redeems, whichever comes first)

Please be sure to update the app to the latest update and enter the promo code in the app. Please be aware that this promo code can only be redeemed within the app!

Happy Watching!

Daily Promo Codes!


Hey everyone!

We are excited to introduce Daily Promo Codes! Every day you come back to Hideout TV and watch at least one video, you will see a filled-in one use promo code on the Watch page when you press the Rewards button and can quickly redeem it there.

You will be rewarded with up to 9 Hideout points per day and it varies by your country.

Daily Promo Codes is live now, and you should be able to begin redeeming immediately!

UK and CA Users: Fire TV App Now Available!


Attention all UK and CA users, our FireTV app is finally live! You can find our Fire TV app in the Amazon App Store as Hideout TV and the app will work on any Fire TV stick or Fire TV enabled device. Please note this app is meant for TVs, not tablets or phones. Our mobile app will be launched in the future.

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