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10. Wooden Bike - 0:10 Have you ever seen a bike made of wood? Not only does this bike look awesome but in 10 years after you’ve ridden this bike into the ground and are ready for a new one you can simply recycle this bike.. Or return it back to nature. 9. Treadmill Bike - 0:23 Who says you can’t run on the treadmill and cycle at the same time? With this one of a kind treadmill bike you don’t have to worry about saddle sores, finding a comfortable seat or someone stealing it. I mean really a thief just looking at this is going to be so confused and perplexed of what is in front of their eyes I’m sure they’d just resort to a normal bike. I’m guessing this thing isn’t on the light side either… 8. Solar Powered Bike - 0:42 The solar powered bike is by far the most logical bike on this list. Not only can you ride it like a normal recumbent bike but you can turn on a motor that will give you different levels of pedaling assist that makes riding easier. If you are tired or just plain lazy you can throttle the motor so you can essentially drive this bike around like a car. It may seem weird at the moment but I bet you can expect to see a lot more of these in the coming future. Not a bad ride for when it’s raining too! 7. Elliptical Bike - 1:07 One of the most ridiculous bikes to be seen by human eyes, the elliptical bike is one of the only bikes on our list being produced and sold. It is primarily targeted to runners who want to log more hours running with the benefit of low resistance training from this bike. A souped up version of this bike will give you 11 gears and is able to climb hills but comes with a steep price of almost 5 grand. A fun toy if you’re rich I supposed. 6. Ski Bike - 1:30 The ski bike is a unique invention that combines skiing with downhill mountain biking. There are other versions of ski bikes that are essentially a bike frame with 2 skis on the back and 1 on the front but that’s just skiing in a seated position. This ski bike actually has a wheel on the back with treads allowing it to go uphill as well as downhill. No you aren’t going to be climbing mountains with the addition of the treads on the back but you can really explore areas that weren't possible while skiing. This bike is being produced as sold as well, doesn’t seem quite as popular as others though. 5. Tandem Bike - 1:56 The tandem bike is nothing new right, one person sitting in front one in back, but the tandem bike on our list is not your average bike. Seating between 4 and 10 people these tandem bikes are extreme examples of the original. 4. Ice Bike - 2:25 This bike has got to be the sketchiest bike on our list. It has the same shape and function of a normal bike but has massive ice spikes instead of tires. Possibly a great idea for getting around on a glacier, the north pole or somewhere with solid ice for roads but is it just me or does this bike look like the most unstable thing you’ve ever seen. I have a hard time believing you’d spend more time actually riding than face first on the ground. 3. Double Bike - 2:49 The king of the double take, the double bicycle is quite possibly the dumbest bike ever created. Having an extra set of wheels provides no benefit, in fact you are raised off the ground an additional 4 feet increasing the chance of seriously injuring yourself significantly. 2. Sideways Bike - 3:11 The sideways bike was invented by Irish inventor Michael Killian. It looks completely bizarre especially his older version of the bike with the bigger tires. If you think about it logically though, Michael designed the bike to actually ride as if you were snowboarding down the street except sitting on a bike. Now if you are obsessed with snowboarding I can see this being a reason to get this bike but for the rest of us I’m not sure why you’d rather cycle sideways verses pointing the direction you are actually going, not to mention it looks like this bike doesn’t go very fast as you have to continually work on balancing it. 1. Shoe Wheel Bike - 3:44 The shoe wheel bike tops our list just because it really is the weirdest and most ridiculous bicycle ever created. I’m not sure who had the bright idea to weld 6 bars onto the frame of a bike and attach 6 shoes to it, but regardless it exists and there are actually a few different versions of this bike out there. You wouldn’t believe this bike actually works but this footage is proof you can ride it. Links to the footage used in this video:
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