Better Organization of uploaded and Pending Videos for Creators


Uploaded videos and and pending videos are now organized into two different tabs on the same page, to make managing videos even easier.

Creators: You Can Now Customize the Order of Your Playlist


Simply go to My Channel Playlist and then drag and drop videos to easily customize the order of your channel playlist!

Content can also pin items to the beginning of their playlists! New items by default will always be added to the beginning of their playlist or right after the pinned items if any. Just drag and drop to reorder or click the star to pin an item.

Easier Redemption of Referral Rewards


Referral Rewards can now be added to your normal rewards balance on! This simplified process also means you no longer have to accumulate and redeem referral rewards separate from your regular hideout rewards. Happy referring :)

Simplified Reward Redemption


It's easier than ever before to get rewards from an Adscend Media offer wall. From now on your account will be automatically linked and you can redeem there anytime even if you use other rewards programs with

Updated Referral Rewards


Get up to 5x as many rewards as before with the referral program!

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