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SWITCH CHANNEL - Mock "Tuna" Salad
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- Mock “Tuna” Salad – 7 servings As a teenager I remember often enjoying albacore tuna salad after school on sourdough bread or on crackers. Now with one simple secret ingredient I can still enjoy a plant-based version of a tuna salad. Cooked chickpeas when mashed have no particularly strong flavor and can therefore be used in so many recipes. This salad is quite simple to make and tastes even better the next day. I do not add relish to my “tuna” salad but feel free to add some. This salad tastes great on bread, in tortilla wraps, on crackers or even spooned onto a green salad. The chickpeas could even be substituted with soaked sunflower seeds instead. Hopefully you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Thank you for tuning into my channel where I share simple, delicious and healthy plant based recipes on here for you to enjoy. Simply put, I feel as long as you choose the right ingredients you don't need to focus so much on counting calories for weight management or whatever health goals you may have. Let me show you how to easily create your cult favorite meals but plant-based versions! Please follow me on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, which are all found on my bio. My YouTube channel is listed in this video and I would love it if you could subscribe! Ingredients: - 1/4 red onion - 2 15 oz. cans chickpeas - 1 bunch fresh dill or 3-4 tbsps - 1 cup cherry tomatoes - 1 tsp all purpose seasoning - 2 tbsps Dijon mustard - 6 tbsps mayonnaise - 1 box of crackers - 1/2 cup spinach - 1 or 2 boxes of crackers - 1/2 tsp black pepper for garnishing Steps: 1) Chop the dill and slice the tomatoes in half. 2) After opening the cans of chickpeas and draining them, smash the chickpeas with a fork. 3) Add the smashed chickpeas, dill, seasoning, mustard and mayonnaise into a bowl and mix together. 4) Assemble by spreading each cracker with some of the smashed chickpea mixture, spinach and a tomato slice on top. Garnish with black pepper. You can find the items needed to make this recipe at my Amazon store: Follow my other social media accounts for more content!: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Snapchat: CountColorsNotCalories Please contact me on Instagram for business inquires: Mailing address: Natasha Najjar P.O. Box 7651 Alhambra, CA 91802
countcolorsnotcalories Channel: Up Next
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