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Please Unmute The Video Player To Continue Watching - Top 7 Biggest United Airlines Fails
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7. Family Kicked off Flight A family kicked off a Portland bound flight because their teenage daughter has autism. During the flight the 15 year old girl started crying as that is her only way of coping with nothing being able to communicate properly. The mom alerted a flight attendant that warm food helps calm her down. After a great deal of time had passed warm food was eventually brought to the family. Soon after the pilot announced they would be making an unexpected emergency landing. Upon landing, police officers and paramedics entered the plane ordering the family off the plane. As they were exiting passengers can be heard saying “that’s going to be a lawsuit” “oh yeah”. Now United did buy the family a flight on another carrier but the family is suing United for what happened. 6. Women Locked in an Airplane Ginger Mcguire took a late night flight from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia that touched down at 12:27 am. When she was finally woken by the cleaning crew, no other passengers could be found. She had been sleeping on the empty 50 passenger aircraft by herself for over 4 hours and when she got up to leave she was locked in the airplane until federal officers were satisfied she wasn’t a terrorist. 5. Blind Women Abandoned Jessica Cabot was born blind, a situation where you have to rely on others to help you through non typical days. She had taken 2 flights prior to this and on these flights she was told to wait for the other passengers to leave the aircraft and someone would come help her off the plane, then heard silence. She patiently waited until she heard the sound of the airplane door shut. About 10 minutes later the door was opened by she was found stranded by maintenance crew. 4. Man Crawls Off Flight A man traveling from San Francisco to Washington had to crawl of a United Airlines flight because no wheelchair was available. There is a special wheelchair call aisle chair which can fit in the aisle of an airplane to wheel disabled passengers out of the plane. He wasn’t able to use the bathroom on the plane as it’s too difficult and after already waiting 15 minutes for other passengers to leave the flight he knew he’s have to wait another 15 - 20 minutes just to get out of the plane. He was tired of waiting so he crawled out of the plane, expecting flight attendants to help him. 3. Pilot Flushes Ammo A United Airlines pilot flying from Houston to Munich was carrying live ammunition in his suitcase which is not allowed on international flights. Worried he might be caught at customs he threw the bullets in the trash in the bathroom. Ironically enough a woman was digging through the trash for a lost ring and found the bullets and alerted the a flight attendant when then alerted the captain. The captain then took his bullets and flushed them down the toilet. 2. Broken Guitar Musical group Sons of Maxwell were traveling from Halifax to Omaha through Chicago. When the group made their connecting flight, a women sitting behind them called out “My god they’re throwing guitars out there”. Horrified to see David Carroll of the group saw his $4500 guitar and the bass player’s $3500 bass being tossed like garbage. He immediately tried to communicate with flight attendants who kept passing responsibility onto someone else to deal with it. After getting to their destination and finding his guitar had been broken David spent months trying to receive compensation from United. They made the process so difficult and frustrating he told them something else was going to happen, he was going to write 3 songs about United and get people to vote for them. The goal was to get 1 million views on the videos in 1 year. After the videos went live United’s Stock dropped 180 million dollars in value. Today, a few years after this had happened, the three videos combined have nearly 30 million views on youtube. 1. Overbooked Flight United Airlines boarded a flight from Chicago to Louisville but after everyone was on board they realized they needed 4 seats for a flight crew that was needed at the destination for another flight. United Airlines first offered $400, then $800 and a night stay in a hotel for anyone that would volunteer giving up their seat. This doctor was chosen but he refused. When he was pulled from his seat his face was smashed into an armrest bloodying his face. Just the next day, United’s stock dropped by 3% or $700 million dollars in value. Sources:
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