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Please Unmute The Video Player To Continue Watching - Top 10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs
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Subscribe to our channel! → Full descriptions with videos used in this list below: 10. The Legend of Zelda 1986 - 0:12 In the 1986 version of the Legend of Zelda, once you beat the game you can start a new game with the name “ZELDA”. This would make the game harder and rearrange the entire game, rooms, everything essentially creating a fresh, brand new playthrough. 9. NBA Jam Tournament Edition Hidden Roster Players - 0:33 This amazing 2 on 2 arcade basketball game from the mid 90’s had a secret that wasn’t so secret. A staggering 33 extra players could be unlocked including Hillary and Bill Clinton, Fresh Prince, Subzero, Reptile and Raiden. By simply entering Start, C, Up, Down, B, Left, A, Right, Down, Start. While the selection of celebrity players was awesome, let's be honest here we were all playing The Fresh Prince. 8. Call of Duty Black Ops Nuke 2055 Retro Activision Games - 1:03 In Call of Day Black ops the only way to unlock this easter egg is to head shot all the manikins in under 90 seconds. Once you start playing the retro games you are completely immune to damage, so enjoy those retro games without the fear of taking collateral damage. 7. Metal Gear Soild 1 Psyco Mantis Reads the Players Mind - 1:20 In Metal Gear Solid 1 Psyco mantis goes into a cut scene where he talks to the player about specific games on your memory card. He’ll mention games by specific title, on Playstation 1, Castlevania, Vandal Hearts, Azure Dreams, and Suidoken. On Gamecube he’ll mention Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend Of Zelda and Eternal Darkness. He’ll also comment if you don’t save your game very often. Afterwards he’ll try to convince you of his telekinesis by getting you to place your controller on the ground at which point he’ll then activate thec vibrate. 6. Grand Theft Auto 5 UFOs - 1:53 To find the UFOS in grand theft auto 5 you need to go through the incredibly painstaking process of getting 100%. Once… or IF you can achieve that go to Los Santos and search the outskirts high up, you’ll find some UFOs up there. 5. Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past - Houlihan Room - 2:10 Nintendo held a contest before the release of legend of zelda in the early 90s, the winner of the contest, Chris Houlihan had a secret room named after him. To enter the room there are 5 different ways to get in, which are somewhat complicated which involves going into certain caves then charging into a tree or bush to reveal the entrances. The room is full of 45 blue gems and also doubles as a fail safe room if it can’t be determined which room to send link to. 4. Batman Arkham Asylum - Hidden Blueprint Room - 2:41 Player have to enter the office of asylum warden Quincy Sharp and blow up a wall. Inside you’ll find some blueprints on the wall that show the planned sequel Batman: Arkham City. This easter egg wasn’t found by anyone for 2 years, it was announced by developer Rocksteady in a preview for the next title Batman: Arkham City Quincy Secret Room 3. Doom 2 Final Boss John Romero - 3:04 In Doom 2 there is an extra room at the end of the game only accessible in no clip mode. After walking through some walls you’ll find a small room with the head of Doom 2’s creator John Romero. If you reverse the audio and slow it down you’ll hear “To win the game you must kill me John Romero” 2. Might Tyson Punch Out - Perfect KO - 3:24 After 29 years of it’s release, a new easter eggs for Mike Tyson’s punch out has been found. Originally posted on reddit, the easter eggs shows when fighting Honda, if you wait for the bearded man in the audience to duck for a fraction of the second that is your cue to punch and if timed correctly it will knockout Honda in one hit. This also works on the Bald Bull as well.c 1. Super Mario 3 White Block - 3:55 The most famous easter egg of them all is the white block trick from Super Mario 3. When Mario encounters a white brick and crouches on it for 5 seconds he’ll drop behind it and be able to transverse the level from behind. This allows you to reach secret areas like the ones where you collect the sought after flutes. Anyone who played super mario 3 back in it’s day knows of this easter egg and that’s why it tops our list. Link to this video:
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