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Please Unmute The Video Player To Continue Watching - Top 5 Most Extreme Roller Coasters
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Everyone loves roller coasters, whether they are extreme coasters or not. In this list we countdown just the extreme roller coasters and not just the extreme but the most intense roller coasters on earth. Buckle up for this ride. The reason this list is done in a top 5 format is I found after 5 there were way too many coasters that would be tied for 6th, 7th, 8th etc all the way to 20th+, so I kept this one short and sweet with just the most extreme roller coasters. Check out Theme Park Review's Channel, they have awesome full videos of the coasters seen on our list. Subscribe to our channel! → Full descriptions with videos used in this list below: 5. Sky Scream, Germany - 0:09 Sky Scream opened on April 12, 2014 in Hassloch, Germany. It is built very similar to the Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California. It is a launched roller coaster which starts by boosting you back and forth a few times before propelling you to the top where you experience a slow corkscrew looking down at 150 feet in the air. The coaster’s top speed is 62 miles per hour and lasts 47 seconds. 4. Formula Rossa, Dubia - 0:45 The Formula Rossa roller coaster in Abu Dhabi, UAE opened on November 4th, 2010. The coaster spans over 6500 feet and gives the rider a true sense of extreme speed over the 1 minute and 32 second ride. What really makes this roller coaster extreme is the top speed of 149 miles per hour, making it the fastest coaster on earth. The train “cars” are launched to full speed by a hydraulic steam catapult in 5 seconds. Riders are required to wear special goggles as the ride is too fast to not wear them. It has been stated by some riders, that lose their goggles, that they must close their eyes as the wind pressure is too high without them. If you’re looking for a coaster with extreme speed, this is it. 3. Gravity Max, Taiwan - 1:30 Gravity Max is located in Taichung, Taiwan which features the world’s first true 90 degree drop on a roller coaster as well as the world’s only tilt coaster. Riders climb a steep hill which leads to a large flat section of track which then rotates 90 degrees then drops the coaster down the track into a loop. Gravity Max opened in 2002, has a top speed of 56 miles per hour, has a max height of 114 feet and packs a massive 3.5 g-force. Really the only thing people can think about when riding this coaster is… “line it up, line it up, keep going, keep going” 2. MindBender, Canada - 2:06 The Mindbender roller coaster located in West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the largest indoor roller coaster in the world. The ride features 4 total tight tight loops which are done back to back twice which produces a massive 5.5 g force. The coaster twists and turns around itself in tight quarters at a top speed of 60 miles per hour and lasts 1 minute and 13 seconds. They don’t call this the mindbender for nothing! Although the massive g force felt from the 2nd loop is quite extreme, the most scary part of this coaster is the fact 3 people died on it months after it opened. Back in 1986 the car was coming around to the last loop where the axle broke on the last car causing it to fishtail wildly. The final car smashed into a support beam causing the lap bar to rise causing 3 of the 4 passengers to fly out of the car killing them instantly. The only survivor suffered 2 broken legs, a punctured lung, broken shoulder and 20 years of PTSD. Since then the cars were completely redesigned and have had no accidents since. Kingda Ka, New Jersey, USA - 3:10 Kingda Ka opened on May 21, 2005. When opened it was the fastest roller coaster, now surpassed by Formula Rossa, but still retains the title of world’s tallest roller coaster. This record will be broken in 2018 with the release of the new tower roller coaster “Sky Scraper” in Orlando. Kingda Ka starts off with being launched, to 128 miles per hours, with a hydraulic steam catapult just like Formula Rossa but then climbs a 90 degree vertical track 456 feet into the air. The riders experience a 418 foot vertical drop that produces 5 g-force of pressure. The coaster is over 3000 feet long but only lasts 28 seconds long. If you’re afraid of heights… yaaaa maybe this isn’t the coaster for you. Check us out on social media: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -
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